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Keepsake Photo Pendant of my two children in silver

I started creating jewelry back at the end of 2010, and formally launched Red Tree Studio at the beginning of 2011.  Why?  Well, when you have a full time job and two young children (pictured right) you have to jump on the crazy train and add something else to your life to suck up your time, right?  Heh.  To be honest, I needed to do something for me.  Creating is what feeds my soul.

People talk about finding balance in life.  My full time job is technically oriented and I feel comfortable in that mode of thinking.  But I have always had creative/artistic tendencies.  I loved art class and I participated in music from elementary through high school with Winterguard was my passion.  I sort of fell out of the creative habits when I went to college.  Bringing art back into my life many years later was probably way overdue!

Another influential piece of my life that has manifested in my jewelry is the fact that I was (and am a registered lifetime member!) a Girl Scout.  Every summer I would spend weeks at Camp Amahami swimming in the pond, horseback riding, hiking, cooking and singing around campfires…so many fun things that bring back great memories.  You’ll see a lot of nature themes in my work and those experiences are a huge reason why.

So why did I choose “Red Tree Studio” as my business name?

My alma mater is Cornell – Go Big “Red”! I am of Chinese heritage and “Red” is an auspicious color in Asian culture Fall is my favorite season – and “Red” trees are the best of all! I mentioned the Nature theme above so “Tree” just fits right in “Studio” (as opposed to Jewelry or something else) is because I wanted the name to be flexible enough to accommodate other art should I decide to add or take a new direction in my work

So there you have it – Red Tree Studio by Kim Paige, jewelry artist, nature lover.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!  More to come on inspiration, process, and probably some random stuff…just because  🙂

All the best, Kim