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Back in April, I took a photography class called Photographing Fine Art and Craft with Brit Hammer.  Since then I’ve been working on some images for applying to some fall shows.  I’ll let you know when  I get acceptances but in the meantime, here are some pictures of work I’ve taken. These are more jury style overview shots which means they’re composed in a format more recommended for a craft show jury to review. In my next post I’ll share a different style of pictures that I captured.

Tendrils and dewdrops earrings in silver


Tendrils and dewdrops bracelet


I’ve been interested in photography for a long time but hadn’t really pursued it much aside from taking the standard pictures of my kids. Taking my own jewelry photography product shots gave me good incentive to get serious again.

Here’s a peek at my current studio setup.  Since my class I got creative with some PVC pipe and made myself some light stands.  My mom, who is a whiz at the sewing machine, made me some great light diffusers.

Studio photography setup

This year I’m focusing on more of the business side of running a business (rather than taking technique classes) and this photography class was well worth it! I can take pictures that reflect my aesthetic and voice. It’s fun being able to combine multiple art forms – satisfies my need to create on so many levels!

‘Til next time – Enjoy Life!