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Whew the last 6 months have been absolutely cra-zy here!  The last time I posted I was going into the Holiday show season and sort of overbooked myself with back-to-back-to-back shows.  Well I came out unscathed on the other side and haven’t stopped since.  Usually the spring is my slow time because of family obligations and lack of shows.  I decided to kick it into high gear this year.  No slacking off this spring!

In the middle of all those shows last fall I decided to go-for-broke and signed up for my first Wholesale show scheduled for this April.  Wholesale is selling to retailers rather than the end customers.  That experience will be a whole ‘nother post here!  I’m a person who works well to deadlines, if I don’t have a deadline I’ll putter the time away.  Signing up for that show gave me the much needed push to clarify my lines of jewelry into a cohesive set.  It’s always a work in progress but it’s light-years ahead of where I was 6 months ago.  I’m starting to get my work into some new locations which is very exciting!

Bellflowers wholesale line

Speaking of deadlines here’s another one coming up…Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Hop.  I’ve been watching this event evolve over the past few years and, despite my already overfull schedule, took the plunge and signed up.  I’ve already traded bead soups with my partner Joan Williams of LilRuby Jewelry.  Here’s a quick shot of what I sent her:

Bead Soup sent to Joan

Closeup of the leaf focal in Copper

This mix is what I got in return!  And actually she ended up sending two so I could choose, which was very generous.  I’d like to do both but one may have to wait due to having a show scheduled this weekend.

The Bead Soup I get to play with!

When I’m done on Saturday, I will post a final shot of what I made & will get to see what Joan created as well!  You can find more about the whole Bead Soup Blog Party at Lori Anderson’s blog.