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I went to Cornell University for college and periodically would head down to the Commons in Ithaca.  The Commons is a cool place because it has a lot of great places to eat (very important in college) as well as places to shop.  One of my favorite places to visit was 15 Steps which is smack dab in the middle of the Ithaca Commons.  15 Steps is an exciting store full of American Crafts.

Fast forward a number of years to where I’m designing and creating jewelry.  Now I’m in 15 Steps 24 x 7!  My Nature’s Palette and Bellflowers collections are color-packed jewelry pieces that are inspired, in part, by my years at Cornell.

My jewelry in 15 Steps, Ithaca, NY

Bellflower earrings in pink over silver

Nature’s Palette triple triangle bronze necklace in yellow, green, blue

If you’re in the area, I highly encourage you to stop by 15 Steps.  The staff is wonderful and all the work carried there is inspiring.