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I went to Cornell University for college and periodically would head down to the Commons in Ithaca.  The Commons is a cool place because it has a lot of great places to eat (very important in college) as well as places to shop.  One of my favorite places to visit was 15 Steps which is smack dab in the middle of the Ithaca Commons.  15 Steps is an exciting store full of American Crafts.

Fast forward a number of years to where I’m designing and creating jewelry.  Now I’m in 15 Steps 24 x 7!  My Nature’s Palette and Bellflowers collections are color-packed jewelry pieces that are inspired, in part, by my years at Cornell.

My jewelry in 15 Steps, Ithaca, NY

Bellflower earrings in pink over silver

Nature’s Palette triple triangle bronze necklace in yellow, green, blue

If you’re in the area, I highly encourage you to stop by 15 Steps.  The staff is wonderful and all the work carried there is inspiring.

Oy, how is it October already?!?!?  Fall is my favorite season and the weather lately has been wonderful!  Well, ok the one outdoor show I did this fall happened to be super Chilly.  That was the Windsor Window on the Arts festival which I did for the first time.  Will I do it again?  You betcha!  The customers were great & the festival staff were so very supportive.

I debuted some new designs at the show & they seemed to be well received.  My booth setup under a brand spankin’ new tent was also just what I imagined it would be!


My new tent & updated display

So I’ve gotten my first outdoor show under my belt, time to turn attention to indoors.  I’m probably a little crazy but I booked a show for every weekend of November in December.  Oy!  I’ve kicked production into high gear, here’s a peek at my workbench.

Copper metal clay earrings ready to be sanded, drilled for holes, and fired in the kiln.

This pile of copper once fired in the kiln will get a wash of color and end up like these beauties!

Earrings ready to be packaged

I’m working on getting these listed on my website but I will have a much larger selection available at the following shows.  So I hope to see you out & about this fall!

Saturday-Sunday November 2-3 10AM – 6PM both days Mayday Underground! Rochester Armory, Rochester NY

Saturday-Sunday November 9-10 Sat 10AM-9PM, Sun 11AM-7PM Fibers of Your Life Oakdale Mall center court, Johnson City NY

Sunday November 17 11AM-3PM Temple Concord Holiday Marketplace Temple Concord, Binghamton NY

Saturday November 23 10AM-3PM Hillside Garden Center Holiday Open House Hillside Garden Center, Binghamton, NY

Saturday November 30 Indie Garage Sale 11AM-5PM Mowhawk Valley Community College, Utica NY

I was fortunate to be able to present about Websites at this past weekend’s Metal Clay Mojo conference for my fellow artists.  Many people are apprehensive about creating and maintaining websites so I wanted to break down some of that nervousness and provide some guidance around the process.  With today’s tools it’s not necessarily difficult but it certainly can be time consuming.  This information is good whether you plan on creating your own website or finding someone else to help you build it.

On one of the slides I ask “How do you eat an elephant?”  The answer is: “One bite at a time.”  During my presentation, I also liked to emphasize “Done is better than perfect.”  Stop futzing with it and get it out there.  You will always be improving a website so let it work for you while you consider your next move.

Many people asked me if they could get to the presentation after the conference so I am making the slides available here on my website.  Feel free to contact me for questions.  I love talking about websites!

 Artist Web Sites Presentation (Adobe PDF)

If you would like to download the file, click on the link above and then in Google Docs click File > Download