Specializing in the Keepsake Photo Pendant where you can capture you loved ones' image in an heirloom-quality piece of jewelry.

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Personalized Keepsake Photo Pendants

RTS-3623-Keepsake_Photo_PendantCapture the memory

Do you have a picture of loved ones that you want to capture in a beautiful photo pendant?  Children, pets, newlyweds – all can be transformed into an enduring keepsake.

Your unique piece will be individually handcrafted after a conversation (via email or phone) with you to discuss your special photo and how best to represent it in jewelry.  You can contact me at Kim@redtree-studio.com or at 607-323-1781.

How do I commission my very own Personalized Keepsake Photo Pendant?
Email a high-resolution photograph (300DPI) at least 4″x6″ to Kim@redtree-studio.com.  We can work together to decide which photograph works best.  I can combine two photographs into one image so no worries if you don’t have everyone in one picture!

Pendant Details
The finished pendant is approximately 1″ in diameter – slightly larger than a quarter.


$245 for a custom Silver pendant, this includes the front image, name/date/phrase on the back and a small design on the bail hung on a silver snake chain.

Molly Ford Cassidy personalized keepsake photo pendant in silver  Molly Ford Cassidy personalized keepsake photo pendant back side

  • You may also add some color or represent a birth month with CZ stones ($20)

Patrick James Photo Pendant Front

  • Custom design on the back (instead of text) or around the sides are also available (price based on the design)

Grace & Kevin Keepsake Photo Pendant Liz & Emily Keepsake Photo Pendant Back

Prices are subject to change based on current metal market price.  Please contact me to confirm prices.

  • 50% non-refundable deposit, this allows me to order the materials
  • Balance due upon delivery or prior to shipment (2-4 weeks after proof acceptance), shipping costs due at this time

Bonus! – 10% off additional pieces with the same image!


What is a “High Resolution” photograph?
A photograph that is at least 300 DPI (dots per inch).  With a 4″x6″ image the final size will be 1200 pixels by 1800 pixels.  Most digital cameras these days are capable of taking photos of this resolution.  If you are not sure, email me a copy & I can verify for you.

Can I make my pendants a different shape other than a circle?
Absolutely!  Depending on the photograph I can do hearts, ovals etc.

What about pets?
Yes, I can do images of pets too!

What else should I know about the Keepsake Photo Pendant?
I don’t just embellish the front of the pendant – the back should also look special for the wearer!

Contact Me if you have additional questions!

Abby & Ava Keepsake Photo Pendant

Abby & Ava

Grace & Kevin Keepsake Photo Pendant Front  Grace & Kevin Keepsake Photo Pendant

Grace & Kevin, tree design on back

Patrick James Photo Pendant Front  Patrick James Photo Pendant Back

Patrick, with cubic zirconia

Molly Ford Cassidy personalized keepsake photo pendant in silver  Molly Ford Cassidy personalized keepsake photo pendant back side

Molly, Ford & Cassidy

Liz & Emily Personalized Keepsake Photo Pendant Front side Liz & Emily Keepsake Photo Pendant Back

Liz & Emily, with spiral vine