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Back a few months ago I signed up for the Bead Soup Blog Party, an event that Lori Anderson has been hosting for a number of years.  I watched it grow but never threw my hat into the ring, until this year.  The past six months have been very exciting and demanding business-wise and I wanted to give myself an opportunity to play and experiment.  How better to do it than to be challenged to make someting out of something given to you at random?

I was paired with a veteran Bead Soup party artist Joan Williams of LilRuby Jewelry.

Joan was actually kind enough to send me two bead soups!  I wanted to be able to use both of them but ran short on time.  Maybe sometime later I will finish the second.  Here’s a pic of the soup that I used:

The Bead Soup I get to play with!

Rules were I was required to use the focal & the clasp.  In this case the toggle and the big dotty bead near the bottom of the picture.  This opportunity was a big learning experience because I honestly have hardly done any bead stringing.  My main media is making components and jewelry from metal clay and joining them with wire.  My necklaces are mainly pendants or use chain with a few small bead accents.  Only recently have a truely started exploring color in my own work.  I have learned that creating a balance of pattern, size, color in beads is a task I’m not wholly comfortable with.  And those connections and transitions!  Oy!  Somehow I managed to pull something together that’s earthy and tribal.

Without further ado…

Necklace by Kim Paige Red Tree Studio for 8th Bead Soup Blog Party

The triple strand of off-white and copper beads at the back of the necklace were originally planned to be a part of a necklace that included the leaf focal I sent to Joan.  You can see it better in her post.  When she sent me the tribal set of beads I was rooting through my personal stash and realized it fit in perfectly.  So in addition to Joan & I having the Bead Soup connection, our final pieces also have a connection!  (a little corny perhaps but it’s cool to me so shush 😛 )

Most of the rest of the beads were supplied by Joan.  I had to add a little of my own metal clay into the mix.  Since I had never made a bead before here are my small attempt to create some small ones that wouldn’t overwhelm the design.  The white dots echo the white dots in the focal pieces of the necklace.

Copper beads made from metal clay

When I saw the toggle clasp I knew I wanted to do a front closure.  I also wanted a tassle to go with the tribal theme.  I had some red beading string left over from a restringing repair job.  Since my studio name is Red Tree Studio, I had to add something a little red!


Asymmetrical necklace Bead Soup Blog Party by Kim Paige


If anyone is interested in this piece email me and name your price.  I will donate the full amount towards a campership for a Girl Scout to go to Camp Amahami in Deposit, NY this summer!  Camp Amahami holds a special place in my heart as I spent every summer there growing up.  A campership will allow a girl with limited financial means to attend overnight camp and experience the wonders of the outdoors.

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